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Updated: Feb 16

EYELASH EXTENSIONS BREAK: Lash Break Tips + Must Haves For Healthy Lashes!

While on a lash break here are some tips + my favorite lash products for healthy lashes!


These are the tips and products I've used through out my life + career and always find myself going back to them. Especially my mascara! In case I never told you. I once used a very cheap eyelash curler and accidentally ripped off ALL of my natural lashes from one eye! 😭 I was 16 years old and I quickly learned the importance of quality product. I was able to rapidly grow back my natural lashes using my favorite mascara that I used to this day!

Tip #1. Lash Serum! Since you won't be having any eyelash extensions any eyelash serum should help as long as you're consistent. Consistency is key here. If you are someone that's usually sensitive in the eye area OR your lashes do need a break and help with strengthen. The RevitaLash Cosmetics is the brand I would recommend to invest in. It was created by a physician to help his wife during her fight against breast cancer. The serum helps strengthen the lashes compared to other lash brands that only focus to enhance growth but leave the lashes dry. RevitaLash focuses on healthy lashes. Inspired by love powered by science. ☺️ How cute! Make sure you read instructions on how to use this serum since it's different. You can shop the serum here.

Tip #2. No waterproof mascara if you can! I understand some of you dislike regular mascara due to the smearing. My personal go to mascara and only mascara I've used for the past 10 years is this one here. It's a Natural mascara with Mamey Seed oil which helps strengthen and keep your lashes healthy. It's made in Mexico and only available online via Amazon + it's super affordable! *Usually not on prime so order in advance*

Tip #3. A good eye makeup remover to avoid being harsh on your lashes when removing mascara! I've used many eye makeup removers in the past few years and this is probably one of my most absolute favorite eye makeup removers. Lancome Bi-facial double action makeup remover. It's oily enough to dissolve any water-proof mascara and actually helps strengthen lashes and very gentle on the skin. You can shop here. (not recommended with eyelash extensions!) Tip #4 This is for those of you that use a lash curler! A good eyelash curler that won't break your lashes when curling them is always the best option. Especially the refill pads. You would be surprise at the amount of times a new client asks if eyelash extensions will damage their natural lashes, meanwhile, I can tell their lashes are already broken due to improper usage of a lash curler or cheap eyelash curlers with very old pads. The metal can actually break the lashes when the pad is old. My go-to eyelash curlers are these two here: Tweezerman and Shiseido. I have a almond eye shape so I usually do prefer Shiseido.

Remember, we are giving the lashes a break!

Therefore we want to treat them good while on a lash break!


Other Lash Must Haves

If you're not taking a lash break anytime soon but would still like to use a serum to maintain healthy lashes. Borboleta is the brand I utilized for eyelash extensions. From adhesive, lash extensions, my tweezers and products to prep your lashes. It really is my go-to brand for eyelash extensions. Their products are formulated and created with you as the client in mind. Besides your lash foam cleanser and daily lash care routine. I highly recommend using their Nourish + Enhance Lash Serum whenever you're going through shedding. For those of you that like to use makeup. Borboleta also has their Breakdown Oil-Free Makeup Remover formulated for eyelash extensions. Add these to your lash care routine and your lashes will be set.

I hope these tips help you while you taking a lash break and remember consistency is key!😉

Until next time!

xoxo Izzy


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